management & construction

powerhouse’s integrated approach

design – management - construction - advisory

We begin with the end in mind. Our experienced team takes responsibility for your project from inception through to completion, working to a unique model that begins with a thorough understanding of your business needs and plans for future. Each and every member of the team is responsible for delivering a workplace solution that delights you. We hold each other accountable for delivering to program, managing costs, ensuring quality and enhancing our relationships.

With a Director of Powerhouse responsible for your project end to end and as your primary point of contract supported by access to the entire project team, you’re assured of a smooth and pleasurable journey from beginning to end.

Our integrated approach of management and services includes:

  • tenant advisory
  • architecture and interior design
  • brief development and sketch planning
  • concept design and development
  • detailed design and documentation
  • estimating, budgeting and procurement
  • benchmarking against industry
  • relationship and project management
  • construction, program and cost management
  • project hand over
  • building services engineering and approvals
  • council and building authority approvals
  • change management consulting
  • makegoods
  • life of tenancy support
  • base building services

brief development and sketch planning

A clear brief is critical to a shared understanding of project objectives and parameters. It encompasses the business’s overarching future goals as well as day to day functional requirements. The approved and signed off brief serves as the reference point for the design and delivery of a workplace solution that supports your business’s and people’s needs now and into the future.

Powerhouse then translate your brief into a sketch plan to graphically illustrate how you will fit into a nominated space. Sketch plans are the beginning of the physical design process that integrates the design brief, the proposed workplace and multiple regulatory considerations. Once approved, these sketch plans form the basis for the next steps in producing the constructed environment.

Our team will advise you on how best to achieve workplace efficiencies within the design, taking into account the opportunities for both conventional office layouts, activity based working solutions and shared purpose environments. As you would expect, your Powerhouse workplace design will also consider your anticipated changing needs over time.

concept design and design development

With your brand, business strategy, workplace vision and people needs in mind, Powerhouse will start to bring your new or remodeled workplace to life. We will prepare for your review during a facilitated workshop, a full design concept that includes a carefully considered selection of fabrics, furniture and finishes and equipment thoughtfully chosen to meet your preferences and needs.

detailed design and documentation

Our experienced design team will finalise the detailed design and prepare a comprehensive set of construction documentation based upon on the design concept developed in response to your needs and preferences. The team will host a workshop to walk you through these in great detail to ensure your understanding. Design items such as fixtures, fittings and furnishings, and the full scope of building services to be provided, including mechanical, electrical, voice, data, fire and security services will all be documented and explained for your approval.

estimating, budgeting and procurement

You will be presented with a fixed price contract prepared from the project scope defined by the construction documentation and schedules, accompanied by a clearly defined project timeline for your approval. We then work with our team of specialist trades and suppliers to ensure delivery of your project on time and to budget.

benchmarking against industry

With experience in design and construction across multiple industry sectors in Australia and overseas, our team prepares design and construction plans and documentation that meet best practice methodologies. While drawing inspiration from current trends we always take into account the need for your project to have longevity, sustainability and functionality.

relationship and project management

Throughout the project we’ll support you to make critical decisions and keep you informed as key milestones approach and are delivered. Transparency, reliability and accountability are central to every project managed by Powerhouse.

With strong attention to detail we will ensure you remain fully informed of your project’s progress from commencement to completion, with no surprises along the way.

construction and cost management

When it comes to construction management, a strong grasp of the big picture is just as important as close attention to detail, and outstanding communication skills are imperative. We ensure regular liaison is established and maintained between our clients, our construction team, suppliers and authorities.

Our construction management team has over 25 years’ experience managing complex projects, both large and small, across many industries. We will work closely with you to manage the construction of your project, from inception to completion and certification. We pride ourselves on delivering on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

project hand over

We begin with the end in mind. At the completion of the project we cover every last detail with you. This means you can transition into your new workplace knowing that the design has been delivered to the highest level of quality, that your mechanical and electrical systems have gone through a detailed testing and commissioning process, and that you have received training on your new workplace and its systems.

You will be provided with full operations documentation including: electronic access to plans; specifications; material selections; equipment manuals and warranties; building services engineering approvals; and council and building authority approvals.

We will also conduct a quality assurance review with you at 11 weeks to ensure that all is as it should be.

change management consulting

In order to fully extract value from strategic workplace change, many businesses recognise the importance of securing effective, professional transformational change specialists to support, inspire and coach their existing leaders, to educate, motivate, inform, engage and inspire the organisation’s people thus inviting behavioural change. Haywood-Matty has best practice knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of transformational workplace change, together with relevant experience in coaching and consulting skills.

Powerhouse has worked with Haywood-Matty in the arena of our own transformational workplace change and is very happy to recommend them to any of our clients who may appreciate this type of expert support.


Powerhouse will help you manage the transition from one workplace into another to minimise expenses and delays. We will investigate your options recommending either returning the existing space to its original condition quickly and cost effectively, or the negotiation of a financial settlement.

We will undertake a thorough examination of the property you are vacating and liaise directly with the property owners on your behalf. A financial settlement will be negotiated professionally and with efficiency. Alternatively, physical repairs will be executed quickly and effectively. Either approach will leave you free to focus on plans for your new workplace.

life of tenancy support

Each ending is a new beginning. For the duration of your tenancy we’re here to support you with any changes you’d like to make to your workplace. Whether it’s a small change or larger scale works, ad-hoc or strategically planned, we will support you for the duration of your tenancy.

base building services

For property owners, property managers and leasing agents that require inspiration and flexibility to attract and secure future tenants, Powerhouse offers value enhancing base building services.

Our experienced team will design and manage the construction or refurbishment of your building envelope in whole or part; as well as all public spaces and emergency egresses; primary mechanical and supply systems.

We provide you as a property owner or manager with:

  • creative and pragmatic solutions
  • supported by an in-depth understanding of building codes and compliance
  • accompanied by an unwavering commitment to quality
  • delivered within a fixed price and timeframe

Powerhouse will ensure your property is fitted out in a manner that attracts future tenants while maximising your return on investment.