tenant advisory

tenant advisory

Powerhouse is independent of property owners, property managers, leasing agents and tenant representatives. We are engaged by you and act in your best interests at all times.

Powerhouse represents your interests when searching for and identifying suitable properties and when negotiating terms on your lease renewal or new property lease.  Where your needs require, Powerhouse will engage with the best and most suitable agents, managers and/or representatives to achieve the optimal outcome for you.  Rest assured we don't receive payments from any third party.

Our tenant advisory services include:

  • needs analysis
  • property search
  • property assessment
  • strategic facilities planning
  • blocking and stacking
  • space planning and test fits
  • lease review and negotiation

At Powerhouse we begin with the end in mind. During the property search and selection process our design, management and construction teams will assist with assessing workplace options. The involvement of our diverse team of experts at the beginning of the process greatly increases your ability to select the right property for your needs, and reduces cost risks associated with the design and construction elements of the project.

Once the ideal premises for your business has been identified, lease negotiations will be undertaken.  In parallel our design team will assist with planning your new space, taking into account your brand guidelines, workflows and growth strategies. Budgeting, procurement, construction planning and implementation will all be undertaken with efficiency by our expert project and construction management team.

needs analysis, property search and assessment

With a thorough understanding of your workplace needs now and into the future, and informed by over 25 years’ experience designing and constructing commercial office interiors, we advise you on the suitability and potential of a range of commercial properties.

We will prepare comprehensive “stay/go” feasibility studies that take into account the impact of your potential relocation including staffing requirements, recruitment, transport links, parking and accessibility to other key services.

strategic accommodation planning

If you’re considering a move to a new premises, or reconfiguring your existing workplace, Powerhouse can work with you to develop workplace and accommodation strategies and space plans that support your business into the future. These strategies and space plans will assist you in the property selection process and provide an important blueprint that can be referred to as your business grows and its needs evolve.

space planning and test fits

If you are considering taking on a new space, or reconfiguring your existing workplace, Powerhouse can work with you to assess your options ahead of time. The focus of test planning is on maximizing headcount and the built environment of any given floorplate, identifying the efficiencies, effectiveness and sustainability of different work spaces.

Blocking will detail the space you need to allocate to each area or function of your business, taking into account the how each functional team works together for optimum workflow. Stacking demonstrates the configuration and proportion of space allocated to teams over a number of floors in a building. You’ll be able to understand the risks and opportunities of your property options, make fully informed decisions and be best prepared for property negotiations prior to committing to a lease.

lease review and negotiation

In conjunction with your legal advisors, we will negotiate optimal leasing terms to secure your preferred property. We act in your best interests with the aim of alleviating your stress and minimizing your initial capital outlay as well as your ongoing expenses.