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Understanding the brief, formulating a plan and seeing it through to its successful conclusion while keeping clients informed at every stage of the project has been a winning formula for the team for almost 30 years. A deep understanding of all elements involved in the construction phases, from approvals through to ribbon-cutting, means that your project is always in the best and most experienced hands.

Quiet, please

Baffled by baffling? There are other ways to accommodate those that need to work in a quiet environment other than ordering vast shipments of sound-proofing.  Working hard…

Good questions lead to better answers

Many of our projects were brought to us by people who had very little experience in, or understanding of, project managing a commercial office fit out…

how to look beyond “the look”

Does an interior design need to do more than look good? Mark Perry, Design Director We’ve all been taught that beauty is only skin deep and that inner beaut…..

some looks never go out of style

What is a “timeless” design? Mark Perry, Design Director The Pyramids, the Colosseum and Stonehenge are three of the more common responses when asked …..

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