How much can freedom of expression cost?

When to say when, when it comes to creativity. Taren Hura, interior design manager Creativity can be a curse. This is particularly true if it costs you…

Expanding scope while compressing costs

Can I add some ideas with blowing out the budget? Shane Deering, projects director One thing leads to another – especially when it comes to good ideas. A…..

should we stay or should we go?

How do you arrive at the best decision for you? Chris Deering, managing director Rosemary de Lambert, general manager There’s always room for panic. This ri…..

character versus caricature

How fine is the design line between too much and too little? Powerhouse Group design team Just don’t ruin it. That’s a familiar refrain heard by amateur art…..

the complexities of simply managing

Who should be in charge of our office fit out? Chris Deering, Managing Director “Okay, who’s got their head screwed on properly, can get things done and …..

this is not what I asked for… is it?

How can I get what I need from a “request for proposal”? Rosemary de Lambert, General Manager Panic, confusion, frustration. Just three typical responses to …..

look before you lease!

What if I haven’t considered council zoning and planning? Chris Deering, Managing Director Leasing a commercial space and securing a home for your family t…..

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