the cookie cutter versus the interior designer

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Taren Hura, Interior Designer There’s nothing worse than knee-jerk compliance – nothing. Have you ever been left with…..

the complexities of simply managing

Who should be in charge of our office fit out? Chris Deering, Managing Director “Okay, who’s got their head screwed on properly, can get things done and …..

this is not what I asked for… is it?

How can I get what I need from a “request for proposal”? Rosemary de Lambert, General Manager Panic, confusion, frustration. Just three typical responses to …..

orange is the new aggressive

How do I get my colour schemes to work with us? Taren Hura, Interior Designer Colours are as complex as you want them to be. One moment you’re moving from…..

look before you lease!

What if I haven’t considered council zoning and planning? Chris Deering, Managing Director Leasing a commercial space and securing a home for your family t…..

some looks never go out of style

What is a “timeless” design? Mark Perry, Design Director The Pyramids, the Colosseum and Stonehenge are three of the more common responses when asked …..

how to look beyond “the look”

Does an interior design need to do more than look good? Mark Perry, Design Director We’ve all been taught that beauty is only skin deep and that inner beaut…..

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