project management

Good questions lead to better answers

Many of our projects were brought to us by people who had very little experience in, or understanding of, project managing a commercial office fit out…

Expanding scope while compressing costs

Can I add some ideas with blowing out the budget? Shane Deering, projects director One thing leads to another – especially when it comes to good ideas. A…..

Questions that will help you trust your gut

what should I ask a fit out company before committing to them? Rosemary de Lambert – general manager Accepting assurances on face value can …..

an approach to approaching the bottom line

How much is all this going to cost? Chris Deering, managing director It’s just human nature to hastily thumb through to the last pages …..

lack of experience is never a good look

What are the benefits of 25+ years in commercial office fit outs? Pt 1 Why is following instructions so difficult sometimes? If you’ve ever had to follow a…..

6 tips to help manage your office fit out

What do I really need to know? Shane Deering – project director The more we know, the less you need to worry about. That, right there, is a standard rule…..

building relationships for beautiful fit outs

How do I know if everyone’s on the same page? Nathan Foti and Taren Hura Confidence comes from trust. A simple statement and one that applies to every as…..

should we stay or should we go?

How do you arrive at the best decision for you? Chris Deering, managing director Rosemary de Lambert, general manager There’s always room for panic. This ri…..

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