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How do I make sure that I’ve told you everything?

The powerhouse group projects team

“I’ll leave it with you, then.”  That’s something we’ve all said in one form or another, after delivering a brief or outlining job requirements to a supplier/partner/employee.  It means, I think I’ve given you all the information you’ll need to get on with the job.  This briefing function is usually a breeze when you’re very sure, or even an expert in the elements of the endeavour you’re contracting someone to carry out but what happens when you find yourself in unfamiliar territory.

Many of our projects were brought to us by people who had very little experience in, or understanding of, project managing a commercial office fit out.  That’s okay, but what we often find is that people may come to us with a limited brief, not because their requirements are one dimensional but because they may not have thought about the breadth of information that would be useful to us.

Here’s a handy guide that will help you think about and ask questions that could make all the difference to your project management/liaison experience.  For more guidance on getting the most from your journey with us, feel free to contact us to find out more.

Check the list

19 questions that will make your (project) life easier

Know yourself, know your project

Summary of current form and function

  • How much space do you currently occupy?
  • How many people do you house at your peak?
  • What is your primary function? (Include frequency)
  • What are your secondary functions? (Include frequency)

Tell us everything + Sharing is caring

Bring contextual data

  • Can you summarise your company history and list of achievements?
  • How have you built your reputation?
  • What are your brand strengths and aspirations?
  • What sought of culture have you built and/or hope to maintain and strengthen?
  • List the things that are in use every day at your current location (kitchen, break out areas, data room etc)

Understand the process

Concept through to completion

  • Is this a design and construct project (D&C) or do you need us to locate a purpose-fit site for your new office (tenant advisory) as well?
  • How soon would you like the new office to be fully operational? Make a note to discuss lead times and move-in dates
  • Have nominated a project officer and/or central point of contact?
  • What are you expecting/needing in terms of documentation? This is something your nominated commercial office fit out company should explain in depth for you – it’s critical!

Think outside your box

If you could have anything built to help you fulfill company goals…

  • Have you collected imperatives and aspirations from key stakeholders?
  • What will be the state of play in 5-7 years and how will stay in or ahead of the game?
  • Have you looked at how your competitors and inspirations are pushing the boundaries with their built environments? What have you learned?

Get more comfortable

Now that you know yourself, get to know your fit out team

  • This will be an in-depth process with lots of moving parts, how would you like the relationship with your chosen fit out team to work?
  • How involved do you want to be?
  • Does over 25 years of experience and more than 1,000 successful projects completed make you more comfortable?

Great.  At Powerhouse Group we specialise in creating workplaces you’ll love and we would love to hear from you.

Projects Team

Projects Team

Powerhouse Group
Understanding the brief, formulating a plan and seeing it through to its successful conclusion while keeping clients informed at every stage of the project has been a winning formula for the team for almost 30 years. A deep understanding of all elements involved in the construction phases, from approvals through to ribbon-cutting, means that your project is always in the best and most experienced hands.

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