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Experienced senior designers can bring your workplace along for the ride

Do we really need to say it? So much has changed over the last year, including how we think about work, our workplaces and what needs to happen to continue or re-establish a successful trajectory. Well, as many successful business leaders will know, the chief ingredients have not and will not change. Not in the short or medium term.

Whether working from the built-form, commercial office full-time, part-time or in an intermittent capacity we all still want the same thing: an environment that helps us achieve our functional, commercial and creative roles. It’s been said many times that the formula for a successful commercial interior office design must include brand-fit design, the incorporation of appropriate levels of interactivity and cross-functionality as well as a degree of individualism. Bringing access to natural light and greenery to the design table has also graduated from highly desirable to a workplace necessity in many cases.

But if we have learned anything from the year that kept giving right up to the end, it’s that successful formulae that held sway in the late 20-teens, need to be re-thought. Expectations, solutions, such as they currently are, and more particularly workplace designs, now more than ever, demand deeper thought, more experience and yes, a little more (imaginative) pragmatism.

Serious thoughts and senior designers

This is a correlation that goes beyond alliteration and that’s the connection between designs that “see around corners”, so to speak, and designers that have been excelling as spatial problem solvers for a decade or more. What with social distancing, flexible workplaces, process and traffic flows as well as commercial imperatives that include fixed costs, experience may well be the key to an office that best serves your business, brand and people – no matter where and how you work throughout 2021 and beyond. A few of the items that you’ll need to think about beyond your primary business functions include:

  • Approval and permissions which are overlooked far too often – even today
  • Legislation and the changes that may come into play as a result of the latest guidelines on health and distancing
  • Space utilisation, given the growing trend towards flexible work arrangements and its impacts on BAU

Clients are often surprised by how far-reaching an initial chat with an experienced team can be and how many potential issues can be hurdled once the right information has been unearthed by the right questions.

That comes with experience.

Think about it.

Chris Deering

Chris Deering

Founder and Managing Director
Chris has helped form a talented team of design innovators and project management experts to shape an already significant legacy.  His enthusiasm for the craft and values he brings to the Company have set the platform for sustainable success.  First to the meeting table, pen at the ready, Chris is hands-on from initial brief through to handover.

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