Fuijitsu General

Working in an environment you’d be happy to actually live in, breathes life into everything you do in your business. As a brand that is known for providing its clients and customers comfort, our focus was on creating a feeling of “homeliness” where nothing is forced and people feel at ease.

Location: Eastern Creek, NSW | Size: 2,600m2
Build completion: March 2019

Fujitsu General 2600m2


Green means go

and get comfortable in your workplace

The open and transparent feel we developed is complemented by our selection of lighter timber hues that tempered the feeling of “workplace” with gentle curves, reflective of the building’s exterior. The feeling of airiness continues past the reception area and towards and through sun-drenched, self-catering and mealtime facilities. Natural light and greenery co-exist here and nowhere is this more apparent than behind the banquette seating, where the quality of joinery shares the aesthetic spotlight.

The selected workstations are a feature unto themselves within the main work area – a place where a variety of working styles are accommodated with thoughtfully located quiet rooms and meeting areas. All of which again, benefit from natural light and a feeling of openness – a worthy recipient of greenstar certification.

“Working with, within and for a more comfortable environment”


behind the design

Our client understood the opportunities that a new, purpose-built office could afford them as a team in terms of ways of working, environment and impact on the environment. Factors to consider included:

  • Access to natural light
  • a collaborative environment that enhanced interactivity and the benefits that came with it
  • the opportunity to secure a Greenstar certification, reinforcing the commitment to global environmental protection

The challenge here was to ensure that these factors were accommodated along with the functional mandatories required of the finished space that spoke to data access, common areas and other facilities.


our approach to their workplace

A thoughtful approach was required here to ensure that all requirements were met and our methodology, choices of materials and design concepts in general pointed towards sustainability. Sustainability in terms of the workplace and practices that would  emerge and of course the design and build of the workplace.

The commentary in the opening section speaks to the finished results however, our approach and experience in leveraging that approach were pivotal in ensuring success. In any project, consultation and collaboration is of benefit. In this case, we worked hand
in hand with decision-makers to ensure that we captured all of their ideas and thoughts but moreover offered assurance and confidence that objectives would be met on time and in full.

Our approach meant that from selection of materials, understanding how people worked and how they would like to work, all the way  through to adding facilities and opportunities to enhance work and life in general in a balanced way.

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