Fujitsu General

Location: Eastern Creek, NSW  |  Size: 2,600m2

Green means go… and get comfortable in your workplace

Working in an environment you’d be happy to actually live in, breathes life into everything you do in your business. As a brand that is known for providing its clients and customers comfort, our focus was on creating a feeling of “homeliness” where nothing is forced and people feel at ease.

The open and transparent feel we developed is complemented by our selection of lighter timber hues that tempered the feeling of “workplace” with gentle curves, reflective of the building’s exterior. The feeling of airiness continues past the reception area and towards and through sun-drenched, self-catering and mealtime facilities. Natural light and greenery co-exist here and nowhere is this more apparent than behind the banquette seating, where the quality of joinery shares the aesthetic spotlight.

The selected workstations are a feature unto themselves within the main work area – a place where a variety of working styles are accommodated with thoughtfully located quiet rooms and meeting areas. All of which again, benefit from natural light and a feeling of openness – a worthy recipient of greenstar certification.

Working with, within and for a more comfortable environment

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