• Location: Sydney
  • Size: 700 sqm
  • Build Phase: 4 weeks
  • Project: Design & Construction

Collaborative project management goes a long way

Moving on from a long term and possibly outdated look and feel can be difficult. With an experienced team helping to re-imagine, create and drive a progressive commercial office environment, decision-making, design and project management becomes much easier. HRG wanted to continue their journey in a space that reflected their focus on client satisfaction and appetite for creative, open thinking. To help stimulate out-of-the-box thinking, inside their meeting rooms, bright, interactive spaces were designed to accommodate focused idea generation. Whiteboard paint was used in meeting rooms so that ideas could be captured, no matter how big they were. Meanwhile, complementary colours maintained the association with core brand elements. With branding being integral to the ongoing success of the company, HRG wanted to be involved in the ideation and development of the workplace. Powerhouse Group believes in working with clients and understanding the key priorities and so encouraged open lines of communication at every stage. From the new workstations to the fresh new environment, HRG offices in Sydney was transformed into an inspiring workplace and an enviable destination.

“They loved their office
because it was built
and modelled after their aspirations”