our vision and mission

Our vision is to be our clients’ workplace solutions provider of choice. Our mission is to delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.

For over 25 years Powerhouse has designed and delivered beautiful, functional workplace solutions for more than 1,000 clients who, like you, needed new or improved commercial office premises, building upgrades or refurbishments.

We begin with the end in mind. We remove the stress of workplace change and take responsibility for unlocking and delivering your workplace vision. We take you on a personal journey that is unique, enjoyable and in true partnership. Our mission is to delight you and exceed your expectations.

With commercial acumen, creative thinking and a strong focus on balancing functionality with form, we tailor responsive and agile solutions that support your people, your business and your workplace needs today and into the future.

Regardless of size or sector, we approach your project with professionalism and enthusiasm. We create for you a personalised journey that is unique, enjoyable and in true partnership. We work closely with you throughout to maximise your desired outcomes, at all times keeping in mind your established objectives, budget and timeline.

our values

achievement; respect; integrity; learning; and honesty

We take for granted, as should you, that we each individually and together as a team have the technical expertise necessary to make us very good at what we do – agile workplace design and construction supported by independent tenant advisory.

What’s really important to us is the substance, the “stuff”, that extends beyond the what of what we do. It’s the living of our values that underpins how we do what we do that’s really important.

It’s living our values that takes us from very good to great.

achievement – delighted clients; delighted staff; to utilise our skills; to build and maintain long term relationships; to share the responsibility for reaching our goals as a business, as a team, as an employee and personally

respect – for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, our subcontractors and suppliers, our competitors, our community and our environment

integrity – to demonstrate strong moral and ethical principles; to have unity and togetherness; to be sincere; to be true to our word

learning – to seek knowledge and understanding of ourselves, of each other and of our clients; to continuously improve professionally and personally; to treat mistakes as opportunities; to strive for best practice

honesty – to speak the truth sincerely, frankly and fairly; to hold each other accountable

working with you

Regardless of the industry you’re in, the workplace you create and inhabit will have a significant impact on your people and your business success.

We begin with the end in mind. We spend the time with you needed to truly understand your business and your needs. Only then will we identify and create a thoughtfully designed workplace to meet both your people’s and your business’s evolving needs.

A thoughtfully designed workplace that is stimulating, functional, beautiful and flexible will:

  • Communicate your brand
  • Demonstrate your company values
  • Enhance workflow and improve output
  • Encourage collaboration while respecting privacy
  • Deliver the ability for your organisation to evolve
  • Be a place where people seek to spend time
  • Delight you

our people

We choose to be small so we can stay agile and responsive and retain our client focus. We seek to have fun and enjoy our work so that we want to come back and give of our best every day.

When you work with Powerhouse you’re partnering with an experienced team of professionals who have deep, diverse and complementary expertise across the spectrum of design, estimation, procurement, project management, construction and tenant advisory.

Our breadth and depth of talent is your assurance that the advice and services you receive will be well-considered, innovative, practical and tailored to meet your business’s and people’s evolving workplace needs.

Chris Deering, Managing Director

Chris is Powerhouse’s founder and Managing Director. Since its inception over 25 years ago, Chris is proud to have successfully developed Powerhouse to become a dynamic, agile, client focused organisation that is committed to delighting its clients. Chris leads a close-knit, dedicated team with a shared vision and common values. He is very hands-on, establishing and maintaining a close relationship with each client. Chris is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys both the thrill of the racetrack and the serenity of the back roads.

Rosemary de Lambert, General Manager

Rosemary joined Powerhouse in 2014 following a 20-year career in banking and finance specialising in end to end business operations and strategy. Rosemary holds an MBA and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is focused on financial management, accounting, compliance and administration with a sharp eye for cost control, governance, risk management and business planning. Rosemary has a keen interest in health and wellbeing and is studying Spanish in preparation for a trip to South America.

Mark Perry, Design Director

Mark leads Powerhouse’s team of architects, designers and draftsmen overseeing all aspects of the creative process. An architect and interior designer, Mark brings over 20 years of experience in workplace design to creating spaces that are architecturally conceived and aesthetically pleasing. His designs are practical, dynamic, innovative and unique, and provide an environment that stimulates and motivates while being functionally supportive. Mark enjoys weekends on the Central Coast and the company of his two beautiful and talented adult daughters.

Shane Deering, Project Director

Shane has ultimate responsibility for estimation, budgeting, procurement and project cost management. Shane holds qualifications in electronics, management and quality systems. With over 25 years’ experience in the corporate sector, Shane has directed major projects in the IT, commercial and retail sectors. He brings a wealth of experience in the management of people, systems and processes to deliver quality on time and to budget. Shane is a dedicated cyclist and can often be seen in the mountains of Europe wearing lycra as he follows the Tour de France.

our integrated services include:

  • tenant advisory
  • brief development
  • property suitability assessment
  • architecture
  • strategic accommodation planning
  • space planning and test fits
  • blocking and stacking
  • interior design
  • sketch planning
  • concept design
  • design development
  • documentation of construction drawings
  • estimation and budgeting
  • procurement and cost management
  • benchmarking against industry
  • relationship and project management
  • construction management
  • building services engineering and approvals
  • council and building authority approvals
  • sustainability consulting
  • change management consulting
  • life of tenancy support
  • makegoods
  • base building services