Building positive impacts for our clients

The work that our clients entrust us to complete will be a destination for their people, a reflection of their brand and a testament to our shared commitment to collaboration, creative and confidence in our ability to create a workplace they’ll love.

I was instantly at ease with the team that I met. I had no idea how any of this was going to go but it’s all been easy and smooth and everyone was so approachable, it’s actually been enjoyable which is slightly surprising. I would say that working with powerhouse is more like a partnership and if you don’t work together, you’re not going to have a successful project. They are very good at explaining everything to someone that doesn’t have knowledge of this process. You can ask questions at any time and you’ll get the answers you need. It’s just really easy and smooth. They’re very good at putting everybody at ease and I’d highly recommend them. I’d recommend them for anyone looking to fit out their premises.

To see it (the new offices), physically, in person was really exciting and all our colleagues were excited to be in this awesome space. Powerhouse group were really good, really easy to work with and the result was definitely what we’d pictured. I’d recommend powerhouse group, because of the way they took us from the design all the way through to the end, they helped with our legal agreements, property search, start to finish and we’re all really happy with the outcome.

From our perspective, taking our concept and bringing it to life was always going to be a big challenge. The success that we’ve seen from our team and the way they’ve moulded into the premises PHG designed has been fantastic and very smooth. I think that’s what the space has actually done for us – it just feels comfortable, it feels like this is home, it feels like this is where we belong. It’s really captured that design brief and brought it to life and that’s what the team love.

Our impression when we first walked in was one of amazement at how it had changed from being an empty floor to what it was. The staff were goggle-eyed when they walked in, they couldn’t believe it. They were very, very happy with what’d been done. The environment that we’re working in now is in another world compared to our old one. The staff feel much more relaxed in the new premises.

Anthony Dowell

Partner at BDJ

I wanted to provide a fresh new look for the team and the talented designers at Powerhouse Group sparked our imagination with an inspiring redesign. An added challenge the fact that we could not vacate the space during the fit out. Nonetheless, with planning and solid execution, the entire 2,500sqm project was completed whilst the office was fully occupied and operational. This was undoubtedly a mutually rewarding and unusual cases of business as usual. Well done.

PHG has supported AEC with our office refits across multiple states for many years. PHG’s commitment to the consistent representation of our corporate brand, whilst respecting the subtleties of the different office cultures and spaces has been exceptional. PHG’s commitment to timely delivery and applied project planning and management, whilst being flexible and adaptable is outstanding. A sold reliable team, from concept design right through celebrating moving day and beyond.

Ashley Page

CEO at AEC Group

When we walked in it was, “wow”. To walk in and see that everything was finished was just amazing. They actually got what we wanted and laid it all out for us. It’s beautiful and we made the right choice.

With its ‘New York warehouse’ sophistication, our new head office has delighted employees and visitors alike.

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