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powerhouse group’s role is to make yours easier – here’s how

the process behind our project management legacy

Being part of an experienced team means that you can rely on everyone knowing their role, doing their job and allowing proven processes to support successful outcomes. And what does all that mean to you? The same as it means to us – expertly crafted workplaces that represent the best of your brand, promote your business goals and enable exceptional performance.

Bringing our Powerhouse Group team on board offers the added advantage of knowing that you can confidently hand over your project to established, tenured experts in the commercial fit out industry. A team who have been turning briefs into opportunities to showcase excellence for over 25 years on behalf of clients large and small. And the secret? Well it’s no secret that we study every facet of every project, mining every brief for value-add options whilst looking to bring form and functionality together under your roof.

it starts with a brief discussion about your commercial office needs

There’s one page and we all have to be on it

Tell us what you’d like to achieve with your workspace and feel free to talk about your brand, your company, what’s important – everything. That’s the first step. You talking, us listening. As skilled listeners, we’ll interpret your words and thoughts, turning them into sketches and discussion points, questions and answers – inspiration! Once inspired by the same vision, we will all be ready to talk regulatory requirements, tech specs and designs.
It’s a great discussion to have and really, in our experience, It’s absolutely the best way to get started. Give us a call, we’re all ears, paper and pencils at the ready.

drawing on inspiration – for the creation of stunning interior designs

We have listened and you have been heard. By this stage we have a firm understanding of how your business should benefit from your new working environment. How efficiency, workplace liveability and productivity will be optimised because your vision is alive and working. It is time to come together and talk through samples of the finishes, fabrics and furniture that will be instrumental in driving your business. This process involves:
Inspired? Take action and talk us through your design challenges

designing a home for your brand

Creativity is one thing and we absolutely love it. But it’s not the only thing. Pragmatism, detail, diligence and fun are the other pillars of successfully designing a space that works. And yes, we take fun quite seriously around here.

This is the dress rehearsal. At this point along the project timeline we are presenting all the how’s, what’s and whys during a detailed exposition and exploration of the designs. These images and easy-to-follow documents will incorporate all your requirements, wants and suggestions as well answering questions that will have been raised during the earlier conceptual and briefing stages. We will have taken into account:
It’s a lot, but you’ll agree, there’s a lot at stake. Shall we begin?

estimates to fixed quotes to contracts

So what’s all this going to cost me? If it’s a straight answer you’re looking for you’ve come to the right place. It’s the topic that tends to cause the most stress and ongoing worry. But we fixed all that because after more than 25 years, we know what’s required and what it will cost. That’s our answer (and our price) and we stick to it – because we can

Most clients in almost every area of business and industry feel a lot better when they are across and in control of the costs. We offer that assurance and confidence with our Powerhouse Group Fixed Quote Contract. It means there’s one less distraction on your to-do list and one more thing that strengthens our valuable and valued relationships with our clients.
Our experience in developing scopes of work into detailed construction schedules and documentation distinguishes us from other relatively young D&C alternatives. It proves that not only have we been here before but that you can come along for the stress-free ride. Let’s fix a time to talk about your scope of works today.

onsite and on your side – procurement and trades

Bringing the whole project together after our team have worked so hard on getting every detail right for you is an absolute pleasure – I love it and I believe it shows. On paper, it’s easy and I’m here with the trades and construction personnel to ensure it stays that way, right through to completion and beyond

Over the past 25+ years we have built a reputation for working on quality projects with quality people. That doesn’t just go for our core Powerhouse Group team, it’s reflected in the trades and construction team we carefully select to work with us on your project. They know that only the best will do because they too have a reputation for enhancing their clients’. Nonetheless, regularly scheduled updates are part and parcel of our service to you so you’ll always be in the loop and on top of next steps regardless of when your own update meetings are scheduled.
Be assured, we know quality, diligence, expertise and experience when we see it and we wouldn’t contract any other way on your project. Get to know us and how we can work things out for you.

all systems go – over to you!

Handing over a project can be a bit of a tear-jerker for us because we put our heart and soul into impressing you now and into the future with what we’ve built for your business. It’s a great feeling and we never tire of it.

Get to work, there’s not a moment to lose. If that is the case with your project, that’s fine. When we hand over a project you can be confident that:

In short, your newly commissioned workplace is ready to facilitate a seamless transition with little or no impact on business continuity and the:


We mean it when we say “If you ever need anything just call” – not that you’ll need to though. Our Powerhouse Group Aftercare Programme is a proactive initiative. It commences the moment we complete the handover, through to the scheduled 11 week quality assurance review and ends at the end of your tenancy when you ask us to take care of the make good before finding, fitting out or remodelling a new commercial space for you.
In the meantime, we are always here to support and assist you through any:
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