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the art of attracting tenants


Getting more out of your assets and resources is a necessity these days and ensuring that you secure maximum return means getting every square metre working just that bit harder for you. We can make that happen because we:

Return on investment is a common catchcry but it’s also a necessary reality. I’m personally proud of the fact that we can confidently design and bring to life more ways to protect and grow returns on your building.

Whether looking to review spatial use of all or part of your building, public spaces, egresses or systems, property owners, managers and agents looking for more need look no further Powerhouse Group. Look into the possibilities with a confidential discussion today.

the freedom to move forward faster

make-goods that work for you

Taking the next step forward for your business can often be hampered by the need to look back and deal with past issues. Powerhouse Group understands that the sooner your make good is satisfactorily taken care of the sooner you can embrace the next phase of your commercial journey. As always there are two ways to get you out of your existing premises and on to greener pastures ( here’s how we get you moving faster )

We mean it when we say we’re with you every step of the way – that includes doing all we can to get you into your next space sooner.

We will get you moving faster because our team can quickly and efficiently:

you get it, so do we – but do they?

change management services for smoother transitions

The reason many businesses choose to move from, update or transition from one environment to another is to take advantage of an opportunity to better their business. The expectation is that there will be improvements, increased efficiencies and yet more opportunities to positively affect the bottom line. We know that this can pose challenges but we also know that Haywood-Matty are experts in the field of change management. (They helped us, read more about how they can assist you.)

Helping affected teams to see the changes for what they are and embrace new opportunities is sometimes best handed over to experts in the field. Haywood Matty assisted us with our transformational workplace journey and we enthusiastically recommend their services.

Best practise is both a valuable commodity and a binding promise to all stakeholders even those who make up part of business. Supporting them in the challenging change management space is a valuable investment that we recommend you make with Haywood-Matty who specialise in:

an inside job – powerhouse group can help

project managers that leave you free to do your job

Sometimes companies feel it’s best to focus on what they are good at, leaving the commercial relocation and/or design and construction of the fit out to the experts. By taking advantage of the availability of our highly recommended project managers to operate “in-house”, the process for you becomes simpler still.
You can have as much or as little involvement in the various aspects of your project as you like because we offer a variety of flexible solutions. Tell us how you would like to work and we will make it work for you.
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