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The blank sheet of paper terrifies a lot of people. Especially when they find themselves hip deep in a new office design and construction project and up to their eyes in uncertainty.

Deadlines, budgets, samples, locations, designs, tradespeople, permits – these words and more are the stuff headaches are made of but to us it’s sweet, sweet music to our ears. We are Powerhouse Group and for more than 25 years we have chosen to make our mark on buildings and businesses around the country, creating workplaces that work. They are beautiful, occasionally quite stunning, a study in balance of form and function and always the culmination of our genuine love of our talented team’s best work.

And one more thing: confidence!

Confidence that no matter how complex or straightforward, expansive or compact the project, it will be a successful, logical and yes, fun progression from opening chat to stunning finish. No matter what stage of conception you’re at or what project-related services you require we are your one-stop solution. So, let us take that blank sheet of paper and why don’t we start from the beginning with a brief chat. We are Powerhouse Group and we are excited about building something special with your business.

meet the team that meets your brief

the chosen few that chose to excel at powerhouse group

The first thing you need to know is that Powerhouse Group is different because we are all a bit different. We proudly wear our quirks on our sleeve and encourage you to do the same.

We love honesty because honesty is the ultimate shortcut to the truth which gives everyone a clear view of project parameters, wish lists, challenges and opportunities. We’re interested in all of that, it makes it a whole lot easier to get what we want and that is to work on wonderful projects with great people (that’s the secret to 25 years at the top of our game). Here’s what else you should know about your Powerhouse Group partners:

Chris Deering

managing Director, optimistic realist, vigorous hand-shaker, 1,000+ impressive projects

I love what I do because as a team, we’ve been achieving great things for our clients for over 25 years and we’re able to do it in a fun, appealing, open and honest way. That’s love isn’t it?

Chris Deering

Chris Deering Managing Director, optimistic realist, vigorous hand-shaker, 1,000+ impressive projects. Tick.Leading from the front, getting in the middle of the action and being there at the finish line is the real definition of hands-on. It also characterises Chris’ approach to building the Powerhouse Group business as well inspired functional workspaces for enterprises with a similar appetite for achievement.

Getting the most out of Chris: Challenges are there to be met head-on which can only be done successfully with an open, honest, “cards on the table approach.” Chris gives as good as he gets and in so doing gets results. As much as he believes that inspiration and innovation are the perfect match, lasting relationships with delighted customers is the real pay-off.

Where to find Chris: You won’t have to look far, he’ll be there with bells on at your initial brief, on site meetings with key updates and at the handover with hugs and high fives. Between times you might catch him riding motorcycles through backroads or on the track – although he might argue that he can’t be caught on the track.

Rosemary de Lambert

general Manager, realistic optimist, thoughtful course corrector – process, planning, project delivery

Nothing keeps you on course more reliably than a robust set of values and a strong vision to keep your team anchored to its goals. The investment in rules that establish an unwavering direction are never greater than the costs incurred by sub-par planning.

Rosemary de Lambert

Creative solutions and delightful designs are key to the outcomes you’re looking for but that needs to be balanced against cost control, sound governance and administrative excellence. Rosemary brings over 20 years of return on investment specialisation to Powerhouse Group direct from one of the major financial institutions. With post-graduate qualifications and experience in business planning, risk management and operations, Rosemary drives an awareness and understanding of the numbers that counts.

Getting the most out of Rosemary: Perspective and experience are key catalysts for large scale project momentum. With Rosemary’s deep understanding of process imperatives, governance, protocols and financial stewardship, our Powerhouse team is particularly well-equipped to guide procedural planning and execution.

Where to find Rosemary: Wherever cost control meets return on investment (the financial fulcrum), that’s where you’ll find Rosemary lending sound process and a healthy perspective on risk mitigation inside and outside our group. And with health and fitness always high on the agenda, expect to see Rosemary running the numbers, running the head office and simply running.

Taren Hura

interior Design Manager, demanding more from designs, balancing creativity with functionality

The primary goal for me and the wider team is to have an impact, make a statement and most importantly, help the client company to work better in an environment they can truly call their own.

Taren Hura

Leading a design team that responds to challenges with ideas that inspire, delight and ultimately, impress, creativity has always been key. Taren encourages both designers and clients alike to think bigger, adding flair, character and innovative solutions to interesting problems.Solutions that include branding, communication, spatial and functional imperatives.

Getting the most from Taren: Interior design professionals like Taren Hura are engaged because they advance functional solutions by injecting healthy doses of flair and creativity.In order to set the stage for an unfurling of pragmatic, aesthetic and functional ideas, Taren asks you to commit to one thing – tell her everything. “Do that and we can work out a way to do practically anything.”

Where to find Taren: Finding the inspirations and ideas that make for absorbing designs across such a broad spectrum is simpler than one would think.Dedicated to exploring the dramatic, natural architecture of Australia’s picturesque destinations is an ingrained passion.From dramatic coastlines to the majesty of the Blue Mountains, Taren can be found canyoning, hiking and taking in impressive exteriors – muses for her interior design.

Shane Deering

project Director on spend, onsite, on budget, on time

Budget and completion. Depending on your role in the project, these two words are never far from your thoughts. Estimates, pricing and onsite construction are my areas of expertise which means I’m invested in your future workspace from start to finish.

Shane Deering

Now it’s real and we’re ready to go. When Shane gets involved, some major decisions have already been made within your project and there are more to come. But you are in excellent hands because estimating, pricing, procurement and construction have been in his blood and on his highly regarded resume for over 25 years.

Getting the most from Shane: Knowing exactly where you are with budgets and progress against agreed timelines is worth its weight in gold. With all the right qualifications in management (people and processes), electronics and quality systems, Shane is your best source of confidence and peace of mind. He knows everything, so ask him anything.

Where to find Shane: Onsite driving a variety of projects across a range of business sectors sourcing the best possible trades and services available. Otherwise, you might catch a glimpse of him whizzing past the Pyrenees trailing the Tour de France on a racing bike – a true fan of getting to the finish line quickly, efficiently and with smiles all round.

our vision, mission and values

achievement, respect, integrity, learning and honesty

Our vision is to be our clients’ workplace solutions provider of choice. Our mission is to delight our clients by exceeding their expectations. We take for granted, as should you, that we each individually and together as a team have the technical expertise necessary to make us very good at what we do – agile workplace design and construction supported by independent workplace strategy. What’s really important to us is the substance, the “stuff”, that extends beyond the what of what we do. It’s the living of our values that underpins how we do what we do that’s really important. It’s living our values that takes us from very good to great. achievement – delighted clients; delighted staff; to utilise our skills; to build and maintain long term relationships; to share the responsibility for reaching our goals as a business, as a team, as an employee and personally respect – for ourselves, our colleagues, our clients, our subcontractors and suppliers, our competitors, our community and our environment integrity – to demonstrate strong moral and ethical principles; to have unity and togetherness; to be sincere; to be true to our word learning – to seek knowledge and understanding of ourselves, of each other and of our clients; to continuously improve professionally and personally; to treat mistakes as opportunities; to strive for best practice

honesty – to speak the truth sincerely, frankly and fairly; to hold each other accountable

How do we measure up? It’s hard to see the wood for the trees and that is particularly so in our industry. Certainly, there are quite a number of office-outfitters, architects, project managers and interior designers around but as a group, it’s fair to say that not many have been around since the early 90s. That’s when the Powerhouse Group founder first offered an end-to-end workspace design and construct service to those looking to work with good people and reap wonderful results in the form of beautiful, functional offices.

A lot has changed in over 25 years and as we’ve grown and expanded our capabilities, there remains one constant and that’s our mission to re-energise and delight you and your business with what our team can create for you. And then there’s our big deliverable which is to provide and then reward your confidence and faith in our ability to help you enjoy this journey – creating a home for your workplace.

We are genuinely looking forward to working with you.

The team at Powerhouse Group.

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