workplace strategy

what do you need and what do you want?


Knowing what you want is not the same as knowing how to get it. By carefully listening to you and understanding the functional requirements of your proposed space, we can build a picture of the type of environment that best suits your needs. This saves time and effort further along the project journey. Less time spent figuring out bespoke modifications and solutions scoping and more time designing and constructing the best fit for your business.

And it’s not just about the building. We take into the account the possible benefits and impacts on your team. How will your move further your recruitment efforts, overall work-life balance given proximity to public transport, availability of parking, cafes and other amenities. We don’t take any of these factors for granted and nor should you. Let’s work together on getting this right.

how does this all fit into your future?


Is this move a one-off or one in a series of growth initiatives that will help optimise your business now and into the future. There is no wrong answer – the important thing is to ask the question.

Over the years we have helped increasing numbers of clients do the right thing by their business simply by highlighting strategic spatial imperatives.

In other words, we focus on where their business needs might take them as well as the type of spaces that may catch their eye. Again, our focus on your longer term plans reflects our desire to build a longer term relationship with your business. Let’s get strategic about your transition.

measure twice, move once

space planning and test fits

We’ve all seen or heard about doors that won’t open because a vanity, bench or basin is too large. What about a staff member that has to take a smaller desk because of a miscalculation? Imagine the frustration of realising too late that key personnel or even teams won’t be able to operate efficiently due to key elements, equipment or fixtures being omitted because of unexpected problems with space allocation. As always knowledge is power and our protocols inform you how best to configure offices, areas (blocking) and whole floors throughout a building (stacking) if required.
The ability to make informed decisions is the bedrock on which great outcomes are built. This is how we proceed, confidently advising you on the best options for your business and securing the right space for you. Proceed with certainty and confidence by talking with our project team.

first in, best address

negotiating the very best deal for you

Getting the best deal is a team sport that we are more than happy to help your team win. We are experienced in working with our clients’ preferred legal advisors to negotiate optimal leasing terms which takes the pressure off you.

Other benefits may include reducing initial outlay, favourable options and considerations that may benefit you in the short medium and longer terms.

This means you secure the space that best suits your business on terms that best suit you. Talk terms with us now, it may save you time and money later.
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