project and construction management

let’s start with the money

budgets and cost management

Budgets are important and staying within them is even more so. Remember how we talked about confidence and how we’d like to share it with you. We feel we can because our processes combined with over 25 years of project managing office designs, fit outs and relocations mean we can confidently offer you a number and stick to it.

Suddenly that issue is fixed and we can all move onto getting your business the home it deserves. Fixed pricing – feels good doesn’t it?

it’s business and personal

relationship management

Being in the know and staying in the know is not the same thing. Awareness of the current project status is fine but we gather and maintain as much momentum as is feasible so understanding next steps is critical to your reporting requirements. Having shared “the grand plan”, progress towards completing the big picture will always be at your fingertips with regularly scheduled updates, downloading latest developments and tasks.
Lines of communication are always open between our experienced design and construction teams, estimators and budget personnel, suppliers and regulatory bodies. Doing our job means keeping you informed as, when and before things actually take shape.

construction management

With concepts, designs, plans and budgets all signed off the physical transformation can begin. Depending on the types of works, features and particulars that apply to the creation of your new business environment, a number of trades, protocols and processes will be brought into play. From the outside looking in, this can be daunting and there may be a few beads of sweat in evidence.

But this is our world, we have built both ours and, to varying degrees, our clients’ reputations on bringing interior designs to life. Our construction management team has successfully delivered hundreds of projects of various sizes and degrees of complexity across a broad range of business sectors and have always rewarded our clients’ trust and confidence. This is what we do!

we’re in it together – for the life of your lease

People in your position are best served by expert teams who get involved, make things happen on time and on budget and stay involved right through to a successful conclusion – and in our case, for the duration of your tenancy thanks to our after care services.

Why? Because project management isn’t just a custodial role where you can set things in motion, sit back and watch things happen before handing it all back. That doesn’t work and it’s not how we work.

Communication, effective plans and flawless execution are the keys to success. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and up to date on all the details every step of the way. And we can confidently inform you that our decades of cumulative experience and 25 years in this business means that our promise of reliability, accountability and shared success is rock solid.
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