Location: Moore Park, NSW  |  Size: 600m2

where activity is key and change is a constant

Football is a dynamic game that captures the hearts, minds and passions of much of the sporting public in Australia. Our client, AFL NSW/ACT, needed an environment that was equal to the task of reflecting the brand’s core values whilst encouraging teamwork, movement, variety and flexibility within the Moore Park offices. Whilst the conventional components would need to be in place (meeting rooms, reception, self-catering facilities), we were able to free the teams from formidable and familiar foes to interactivity, silos and closed areas, by opening things up.

The reception area, sporting the backlit logo, feeds through to a breakout area that invites informal meetings, social gatherings in front of the big screen and provides some distance from the main work area. This is where activity-based working seems to flourish as team members can freely interact, collaborate or take advantage of quiet areas when required.

Complementing the airiness afforded by the wall length windows, indoor plants bring an added freshness to each of the main areas as the company embraces activity, adaptability and wellbeing. A wonderful collaboration allowing the whole team to work hard and play hard. Play on!

Somewhere and something for the whole team

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