Exchange for Change

Location: Sydney  |  Size: 250m2 

Designing a fresh start for recycling enterprise

Coordinating, large-scale, integrated operations aimed at making a difference in the world requires a functional, brand-fit base of operations. Having been recently appointed as a primary facilitator of NSW’s Container Deposit Scheme (Return and Earn), Exchange for Change asked for an open environment that characterised their mission for practical sustainability.

Reflecting care for, and the benefits of the natural environment, we complemented vertical planters for greenery and fresh air with transparent office walls promoting transparency and natural light diffusion. The use of corporate graphics proved a cost-efficient method of carrying Exchange for Change’s core message throughout the space.

Finally, accommodating growth was a key consideration as the enterprise gained traction, so new workstations were fitted with the future in mind. Launching a business is not easy, so we took the stress out of creating a working environment in which the Exchange for Change team could do their best work.

We needed room to grow while still laying the platform for our business and our future

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