International SOS

Location: Sydney  |  Size: 4,000m2 

Practical and functional on every level, 24/7

Moving Accommodating a large call centre that handles medical emergencies around the world demands efficiency, responsiveness and above all, facilities that work for round-the-clock teams, no matter what.

Equally important is the way in which vital data storage and processing facilities are housed. International SOS required all this and more in a hard-wearing, built to last commercial fit out, spread over three floors in Sydney. Multiple shifts of call centre operators needed to work in an environment that provided easy access to information, was pragmatic yet comfortable. The data upon which they and thousands of people around the region relied would also need a home. A 100m2 data centre needed to be constructed to service the needs of the expansive operation along with a 24 hour  emergency area from which doctors and consultants could work.

An eye-catching mix of pragmatism and aesthetics was achieved with the large reception area featuring stone floors and timber slats bringing a contemporary feel to International SOS. We were able to create functional facilities, championing a brand and a mission that never stops working hand-in-hand for the good of others.

Efficiency, responsiveness and above all, facilities that work

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