Property Bank

Location: North Sydney, NSW  |  Service: Office Fitout, Office Design  |  Size: 500m2

Distilling brand, personality and functionality through creative interior design

It’s one thing to create a beautiful office for clients that are looking to make a home for their business but what happens when a design is required to attract the attentions of prospective tenants? The answer is, we design and bring to life a versatile display suite that opens eyes to the potential the space holds for housing commercial interests and people in a beautiful office.

Property Bank Australia are prominent lessors of valuable commercial spaces and we knew that this display workplace needed to feel complete without being completely set in (metaphorical) concrete. The idea, therefore, was to design for harmony, with versatility and flexibility in mind, while ensuring that our solutions answer all the unasked questions potential tenants may have.

And here, our solutions included polished concrete hallways, complementary blonde timber joinery, multi-functional breakout spaces, windowed executive offices and a persistent nod to the natural world via thoughtfully-located plant life. But perhaps the boldest and most striking feature is the uncomplicated open-plan office area, where black ceilings, cabinetry and workstation frames complete a classic look that is both magnetic and stylish. The perfect home for any brand and business.

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