SRS Underwriting

Location: Brisbane, Queensland  |  Size: 500m2

designs that stay ahead of the curve

To stay current, reinvigorate staff and say something different about where you’re headed as a business, a fresh new look to upgrade a previous fit out may suit you down to the ground. Wood Mackenzie was expanding their floor space and wanted to echo that growth by emphasising collaborative workspaces, more colour and vibrancy. It’s one thing to say that, but being confronted with a forward-thinking design that emphasised curves and colours to create a modern, flowing and expansive feel is another.

Our experienced design team was able to present the advantages and effects of arc-inspired elements that neutralise and work with hard-edged corners and traditional geometric spaces. Complex patterns, presented simply, worked hand-in-hand with bold colour selections

The result? Creative spaces that confirmed the breakout area as an incubator for fresh ideas and new thinking, juxtaposed against functional areas more conducive to securing quantitative outcomes. It all works well and so does the team that loves their multifunctional space, truly at home in an environment that sparks the imagination and will do for years to come.

Where ideas come to work

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