Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Location: Sydney  |  Size: 1,600m2 

The right size fits all

Being comfortable in your own workplace is just as much about adaptability as it is about embracing and working with market conditions. Understanding this, our long-time client Takeda Pharmaceuticals knew that enjoying the fruits of commercial growth meant ensuring that the work environment could accommodate the additional resources required.

Having built the company a 600sqm commercial base in Macquarie Park, Powerhouse Group was soon called upon to double the floor space to 1200sqm and then again to 1600sqm. This reflected the sharp uptick in resources required to satisfy demand both marketwise and in terms of human resources. When eventually needs changed, the now oversized workforce had to be rationalised along with the office space. With instructions to secure a more appropriate 500sqm space, we were tasked with the acquisition, design and induction, by way of change management advice, into an open plan environment.

With the thoughtfully, designed layout reflecting the “flat” or non-hierarchical structure, the Takeda Pharmaceutical team here in Australia enjoy a clean and pragmatic design as well as a more interactive and open style or working. The perfect fit – for everyone.

Long term, trust-based relationships keep paying dividends no matter what

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