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4 reasons why this could be the right time to rethink your workplace?

Timing is everything. We hear that a lot because it’s true in many instances. In fact, one of the most difficult elements of any discipline to master is timing and timing is often the distinguishing factor that stands between success and failure, better and best.

The problem with timing though is that all decisions have to be made in real time, in the real world, where real people live and work. That’s what makes the timing of important decisions quite difficult – we often think about what happens if the timing is wrong… instead of right.

Well speaking of work, there are people – decisionmakers – that feel that office design projects, among other related endeavours, will certainly yield relatively risk-free benefits during these uncertain times.  Businesses that operate in sectors as diverse as tech and communications, fitness and finance, to name 4, are choosing to implement positive change in ways that would be difficult or near impossible under normal circumstances.

More and more businesses are realising that now is a good time (albeit due to unfortunate circumstances) to rethink or refresh their office space. Why would this be a good time though? There are 4 situational realities that explain this, including:

  1. Employees are working from home – Fitting out a commercial space is disruptive to employees in one way or another and businesses often put off redesigns/renovations/refits for this very reason. Business owners now know that that their office(s) will be empty or significantly emptier over the coming months, giving them the rare chance to fit out their office without the usual (and multiple) ripple effects impacting productivity efficiency, scheduling, interactions, cross-functionality, traffic flow…
  2. No need to rent a temporary space – The costs of shifting all human and functional inanimate resources to a makeshift space for any amount of time can be overwhelming. Right now, you can avoid this physical, mental and of course, financial commitment that often hinders productivity.
  3. Less business downtime – Whether you’re renting a temporary office or herding people and assets to whichever side of the office isn’t under construction, the fit-out process can impact the actual work required to keep your business running. Presently, as a significant portion of your business functions are taking place outside the office, you don’t have to worry as much about, or plan around, renovation-related productivity downturns.
  4. Boost staff morale and refresh company culture – When this strange time in our lives is over and your employees return to the office, expect a period of adjustment. We’ll all be seeing our freshly un-paused routines through new eyes and who knows how that will look. What we can safely say is that returning to a newly renovated office could help ease that transition, reflecting the change everyone has been through, perhaps contributing to a sense of catharsis but certainly lifting morale for the new chapter ahead.

During this sudden and hopefully brief age of social distance and hand sanitiser, it’s easy to focus on all the limitations and constrictions. It’s just as easy to become so lost in the uncertainty that all you can think to do is hit the pause button. But it’s important we continue to move forward, live and work in ways that will benefit us down the line – as we always have.  The time to refocus on that may well be right now because, as they say, timing is everything.

Projects Team

Projects Team

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