The art of designing attraction

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Creating workplaces that display properties in the very best light

When people think of commercial interior design, the first thing that comes to mind is a finite, brand-fit office space constructed for a specific company. This is understandable. Purpose-built workplace design comprises a considerable portion of our work. Whether Fujitsu or Fender or BBC, a client will choose Powerhouse Group to imagine, design and realise a workplace that aligns with their needs, houses their employees and serves their many necessary functions. In other words, the perfect purpose-built place that actually enhances productivity and ways of working, interactions and yes, even the brand itself.

Create it and they will come

A lesser known, yet equally commanding aspect of our business is creating workplaces bound by no initial organisational requirements. Call it a field of dreams. Call it a place of endless possibility. It’s the industry’s version of the blank canvas, except it’s anything but blank – it’s a space transformed into an example of everything you’d want for a workplace, but with room for customisation, flexibility, authority and brand identity. Some refer to it as a display suite; a functioning commercial-cum-showroom complete with workplace staples (catering areas, office floors, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, storage facilities, amenities), pre-styled features (furniture, furnishings, lighting) and design elements (colours, layouts, facilities and adherence to due diligence as it pertains to approvals, legislation and compliance). In short, it’s designed to attract tenants and assure them that this just might be the workplace to fulfil their commercial or functional needs.

Thanks to our years of project experience and prodigious, senior design team, we’ve designed and brought to life display suites that have captured the imagination (and ambition) of tenants. While suites aren’t created for specific clients, they are designed to maximise potential and open the doors to pragmatism and versatility. Organisations intending to lease commercial spaces come to us because we know exactly what attracts, what draws and hold interest and what works.

The key to display suite success

So, what’s the key to success? Why is it that we’re able to get it so right so often? The key, as always is communication and experience.

We find that entering in a dialogue about your needs, however expansive or minimalist, is the only way to refine focus and explore the many possible avenues to workplace perfection. Our tried and true methodologies and ability to create solid foundations and stylish yet functional features attract and enchant serious tenants.

Interior Design Team

Interior Design Team

Powerhouse Group
Focusing creative minds on bringing to life a client’s vision while designing practical and aesthetic solutions to workplace challenges is rewarding work. The team draws on decades of cumulative, commercial interior design experience and understands that sometimes, pushing the boundaries of the brief can be just as powerful as refining a look and feel to suit the branded interior. It all comes down to experience and expertise.

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