Taren Hura

Interior Design Manager
Leading a design team that responds to challenges with ideas that inspire, delight and ultimately, impress, creativity has always been key. Taren encourages both designers and clients alike to think bigger, adding flair, character and innovative solutions to interesting problems. Solutions that include branding, communication, spatial and functional imperatives.

How much can freedom of expression cost?

When to say when, when it comes to creativity. Taren Hura, interior design manager Creativity can be a curse. This is particularly true if it costs you…

the cookie cutter versus the interior designer

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Taren Hura, Interior Designer There’s nothing worse than knee-jerk compliance – nothing. Have you ever been left with…..

Space Oddity 2017

Why is the rectangular desk making a comeback? Taren Hura, Interior Designer There’s a big difference between having a lot of space and bein…..

orange is the new aggressive

How do I get my colour schemes to work with us? Taren Hura, Interior Designer Colours are as complex as you want them to be. One moment you’re moving from…..

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