Quiet, please

Baffled by baffling? There are other ways to accommodate those that need to work in a quiet environment other than ordering vast shipments of sound-proofing.  Working hard…

How much can freedom of expression cost?

When to say when, when it comes to creativity. Taren Hura, interior design manager Creativity can be a curse. This is particularly true if it costs you…

engaged vs energised

Are office interiors designed to tip the scales in your favour? Powerhouse Group interior design team Two buzzwords, one commercial office fit out, someth…..

character versus caricature

How fine is the design line between too much and too little? Powerhouse Group design team Just don’t ruin it. That’s a familiar refrain heard by amateur art…..

losing your way with wayfinding

Can arrows point to branding catastrophes? Powerhouse Group design team When your stunning office fit out is finally finished and ready to reveal, there …..

the cookie cutter versus the interior designer

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Taren Hura, Interior Designer There’s nothing worse than knee-jerk compliance – nothing. Have you ever been left with…..

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